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Just fun

Just fun

Moscow Hippodrome

At one time, attending a race at the hippodrome was an indispensable part of secular entertainment — remember “Anna Karenina,” for example, or the Hollywood fairy tale “Pretty Woman.” Or maybe you want to feel like Vronsky, and not just be a spectator? It is also possible, provided that you have riding skills and you own your own horse. This aristocratic event will not leave anyone indifferent, no matter which side of the turnstile you are on.

What to do here: the hippodrome can be visited as part of a guided tour. You can come here to the races. And you can just bet at the bookmaker. All three options are interesting. The minimum sum of bets for participation in horse racing is 150 rubles. By the way, the Astoria chic restaurant awaits the guests in the equestrian club. Dine right in the stands, admiring the galloping horses - what could be more aristocratic and more refined? Entrance to the art cafe - from 500 rubles, for children under 6 years of age admission is free.

Address: st. Begovaya, d. 22, building 1

Razfigagechnaya brawl

Are you crazy, be honest? There is nothing to be ashamed of, especially for you there is a place in Moscow where you can tear off to the fullest, and with complete impunity. A similar institution is probably in every major city. For a fee, you can literally break and smash everything into pieces. Of course, you can beat home sets. Or rock in the gym. Or go to the grandmother in the village and chop wood for three winters ahead. But stylish and modern people prefer to come here to blow off steam and throw out the accumulated negative.

What to do here: pay 2500 rubles, get a helmet, goggles and a sledgehammer and go to destroy everything you want. You can shout, yell, swear and just scream, the duration of the minimum entertainment - up to 40 minutes, depending on how much anger has accumulated and how quickly you can cope with the cupboard, TV or piano. But this is only the beginning! Big razfigachechny debauch with friends can last for hours, but it will cost more expensive.

Additional services: filming on your gadget when renting a room for the whole day, permission to explode, launching crackers, fireworks, confetti, repainting walls and ceilings, arson Everything is possible for a fee, of course. The institution has gift certificates for any amount from 2500 rubles, you can make an order by phone, pay with a card and get a certificate with home delivery.

Address: Tankoviy passage, 4, p. 36

Park "Zaryadie"

Just funSometimes museums, clubs and art cafes get bored, even if they are the most unusual and entertaining. Hike in the forest, rest on the lake, walk in the steppe - this is a real exotic for a modern resident of a big city! And it is now available in Moscow, in the very center.

What to do here: the park is divided into 4 zones with different landscapes: a mixed forest, steppe meadows with fragrant herbs, flood meadows with ponds and lakes and the arctic landscape with juniper bushes and mosses. At the same time, these zones are real, with their own microclimate, fully corresponding to the natural conditions of a given natural zone.

After reviewing the park, you can walk along the promenade and have a snack in the cafe-terrace. The real highlight of the park is a unique floating bridge. You need to see it! The height of this structure is 70 m, but the impression is created by complete weightlessness and airiness. You can also look into the Ice Cave and get acquainted with the inhabitants and vegetation of the Arctic.

Also in this garden and park complex there is a media center and an amphitheater. Various cultural events are regularly held here - concerts, shows, exhibitions, seminars and lectures.

By the way, this park in Moscow, according to the popular Times edition, is one of the hundreds of the most beautiful places in the world. But the greatest advantage of this magnificent planting in the very center of Moscow is that it is open 365 days a year, without breaks and weekends, while the entrance is completely free.