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Useful information for tourists

An inexperienced tourist may find it difficult to understand all the subtleties and nuances concerning living in another city. This section will be a real catch, both for experienced travelers and for beginners. Readers will learn a lot of new things that will help them to save family budget, get acquainted with sights of the capital, dine in luxurious restaurants and small cozy cafes, and also visit a lot of unusual, interesting, amazing and even mysterious places.

Useful tips for tourists

One of the most expensive cities on the planet attracts more and more tourists. After all, each of us would like to wander around Red Square, visit the Tretyakov Gallery, and see the incorruptible leader of communism. In this section, we will tell you how to visit the capital of the largest country on the globe, without spending significant sums of money, how to travel around Moscow, where to stay or just where better to go and where you can eat tasty food.

  • We save on transport

Significantly reduce spending, you can move by public transport, especially if you buy a reusable ticket "Troika". For travelers, it fits perfectly, because the fare is reduced with each trip. And in case you don’t want to bother, you can simply purchase an unlimited travel card for all the days of your journey. If you are not ready to travel by public transport and prefer to travel by taxi, try to choose among well-known carriers who charge a fixed fare. Watch for stocks, eminent companies sometimes offer a discount on travel, for example, for installing their applications.


Almost all museums in Moscow offer a day when they can be visited for free. And if you are a student, then upon presentation of your student, a substantial discount on visits to metropolitan theaters and museums is guaranteed. However, you can only get to the show if there are empty seats in the theater.

If the weather allows, stroll through the beautiful streets of Moscow, look at the legendary St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square, or admire the greenery and breathe the fresh air in Gorky Park, walk along Presnenskaya Embankment, enjoying the futuristic view of the Moscow-City business center. Do not forget about VDNH - the most popular place to relax. This is a huge museum complex with numerous alleys, fountains, each of which looks like a work of art. On the territory of this complex often perform talented musicians.

  • How to enjoy the view of the city

You can inspect the white-stone from the height of viewing platforms. The most famous is located on top of the Empire Tower in the Moscow-City business center. It is open to all comers.

  • Where to eat inexpensively

If you do not want to dine with a muffin and kefir from the nearest grocery store, look in the factory and student canteens. Most metropolitan cafes at lunchtime offer good discounts on the business lunch menu. And if you want to eat in a really unusual place, be sure to visit the Moscow metro buffet. So, you do not have to deviate far from the city center, where the main attractions are located. And generally go out of the subway.


Alternatively, for a budget tourist, you can rent a bed in a hostel or hostel, which are numerous in Moscow. The hostels offer different conditions for a small price - especially if you book a room in advance. However, not everyone wants to live in a room for 8 or even 16 people, where your personal space will be a bed for two meters, and not the fact that your belongings will be safe and sound.

Or, as an option, it's time to remember about your favorite relatives or friends who can provide you with overnight.

The ideal option would be to rent an apartment. We do not recommend renting an apartment from people from the railway station or airport - it’s not a fact that you get what you are promised, in some cases you may not receive anything at all and spend money wasted. Also the next day, several more people may move into your apartment.

To be sure of the quality of your holiday, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of Our objects, all photos are real, after confirming your reservation you are guaranteed to receive accommodation at the appointed time in the designated place. Renting an apartment you can always be sure of the quality of the services provided by thousands of reviews. All apartments hold regular general cleaning and have all the necessary document package for your legal well-being.

We hope that on our site you will find a lot of easy ways to enjoy your holiday in Moscow.