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Moscow skating rinks

Moscow skating rinks

With the onset of the long-awaited winter, a reasonable question arises where you can go ice skating. Below are the best places for skating with skate rentals and a variety of activities.

Skating rink at VDNKh

The country's most famous skating rink is located at VDNKh. Its dimensions are impressive: the space of the ice cover is 20.5 thousand square meters. As many as six pavilions are ready to welcome guests: three of them are main, one for children, one business pavilion and a pavilion for those who come with their skates. You can also sharpen skates on the spot, get medical help if necessary. Near the skating rink there is also a restaurant, several cafes where you can spend time after a wonderful ride in the fresh air.
Adult ticket costs from 350 rubles, children – from 200 rubles.

Skating rink in Gorky Park

The next well-known skating rink is in Gorky Park. Five pavilions are open for visitors here. Through entrances No. 1 and No. 3, it is possible to go out onto the ice on your own skates or pre-booked ones. You can enter through pavilion No. 2 if you come with your skates. Pavilion No. 4 for those who love increased comfort: in addition to skate rental, the ticket includes protection and the possibility of using a storage box. Through pavilion number 5 you can go to the children's skating rink.
Adult ticket costs from 350 rubles, children – from 200 rubles.

Skating rink in the Hermitage Garden

The skating rink, which is located in the Hermitage Garden, is one of the most atmospheric Moscow skating rinks. The melodic music that accompanies skating reminds us of inspiring love, sincere friendship, warm time with family. It's impossible to leave here in a  bad mood.

Tickets cost from 250 to 350 rubles.

Rink "South Pole" at Luzhniki

The famous Sber skating rink "South Pole" — this is a magnificent artificial ice, favorite music and incredible energy of the metropolis. The main feature of this rink is that the ice makes up a single space without divisions into separate tracks, so here you can perfectly accelerate over a long distance. When creating the ice surface, the most modern technologies are used to keep the ice in excellent condition throughout the entire skating season.
Adult ticket costs from 400 rubles, children – from 200 rubles.

Skating rink on Red Square

The skating rink on Red Square is located in the very center of the city and allows you to enjoy views of the Kremlin while skating. It is smaller in size than the previous ones, but the atmosphere here is impressive. Near the skating rink there is a rental point, a dressing room and a food court.
Business cost from 600 rubles for adults, from 300 rubles – for children.