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For hunters to experience and extreme (continued)

For hunters to experience and extreme (continued)

Climbing wall redpoint

You need to be a billionaire to allow yourself to take a plane ride to the Andes on the weekends, for example, and go rock climbing. If you are an ordinary metropolitan employee, this does not mean that you have to deny yourself any favorite entertainment. Tickle your nerves and at the same time test your fitness, endurance and endurance at the weekend, everyone can at the RedPoint climbing gym.

What to do here: Get a climber's equipment and instructions, tune in to win and go through the entire climbing wall height of 12.5 meters. The climbing wall is equipped with the only in Moscow construction “arch”, which makes passing the route even more interesting and exciting.

In addition to classic climbing, you can also do bouldering. What it is? This is a new-fashioned form of rock climbing, involving the overcoming of a short but difficult distance - “a ball” in literal translation from English means “boulder”. The height of the wall in bouldering is no more than 5 meters, the professional will pass it in 3-4 minutes, but the beginner will have to work hard. And after passing all the climbing walls, you can relieve tension in the sauna. The cost of the session in the sauna is included in the ticket price.

The RedPoint Climbing Street is open on weekdays from 9.00 to 23.00, on weekends from 10.00 to 23. 00.

Address: Art. m. Savelovskaya, st. Vyatskaya, 27, building 12

Art School of air gymnastics "Trapeze Yota"

For hunters to experience and extreme (continued)But this is really something new, unusual, interesting and, of course, stylish! Imagine how cool it would be to declare to your colleagues on Monday morning - “And I visited the weekend in Moscow and learned how to make a coup on a trapeze under a circus dome!”. It doesn’t compare with going to a trendy club, 8D cinema and even with playing paintball.

What to do here: arrange a test session with a trainer, a professional aerialist, and check out the capabilities of your body. If you liked it and you felt the potential of a circus artist in yourself, from May to September the school of aerial gymnastics works. You can master such disciplines as trapeze, trampoline, juggling, slackline, canvases. Tuition fees - from 2000 rubles. It should be recorded in advance.

Address: Park them. Gorky, st. Krymsky Val, d. 9B.

Shooting complex "Object"

The best way to let off steam and relieve stress without harming others is to break away to the full in the “Object” club of shooters. By the way, this object is the largest in the world among indoor clubs of a similar orientation! But a huge area for extreme entertainment is not its only feature and feature.

What to do here: in the club everyone gets the necessary equipment, advice from an experienced instructor, after which he can go to one of the rifle galleries with the most modern equipment. Liked? No problem, you can enroll in a professional shooter courses and become a participant in the competition.

The club has discount cards and gift certificates, do not miss the opportunity to receive discounts and gifts.

Address: 17 km Moscow Ring Road, St., Energetikov, 50