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Apartment or hostel

Daily rent or hostel: which option should I prefer?

Daily rent or hostel: which option should I prefer?

Coming to another city for several days the first thing a person usually should do is to choose a housing, as one has to provide a roof over his or her head from the very beginning of the trip. Today, there are several options for one’s temporary housing, namely: a hotel, a hostel or a daily rent apartment. To understand what is the best option, you should carefully consider these variants, which will allow you to learn about the features of each of them. We will not consider hotel rooms, because they are much more expensive and usually available only to wealthy citizens. But we will examine carefully hostels and apartments for rent, which will allow a reader of the article to draw the necessary conclusions.

What are hostels?

A hostel is a special system for accommodating tenants, which resembles a dormitory where 4 to 16 people live in the same room, in some cases even more; there is a common kitchen, a toilet and a bathroom (more often a shower). A hostel is divided into 2 parts - male and female - where male and female guests stay, respectively. Each room can accommodate from 2 to 5 beds (sometimes two-tier ones), with bedside tables and a common wardrobe for outerwear. Of course, privacy is out of the question here. Sometimes hostel staff is not very scrupulous, thus bed linen is washed poorly or not washed at all. Accordingly, as you might guess, there the convenience is pretty limited or, better say, there is practically none.

Hostels are usually best suitable for workers or students who come to the city for a few days as a group and do not actually need comfortable conditions. The only advantage of such hostels is their attractive price, which is around 400-500 rubles per day for one bed. For tourists, businessmen, couples and anyone who comes to the city on business and wants to live in good conditions and have some privacy, a hostel is clearly a bad option.

Apartments for daily rent

A modern and high-quality alternative is a one-room apartment, because in this case a person gets the whole housing for him or herself. An apartment can be rented for a long period (for a month or more) or daily if you need housing for a few days. Nowadays, the real estate market of almost any large city offers you a lot of options for apartments with various conditions, design and comfort level. Everything depends only on desires and requirements of a particular tenant, so the choice is really big.

Advantages of an apartment for daily rent

1. Having your own private space. This is very important for a comfortable stay, as a person will feel free and cozy. A whole apartment is at your disposal.

2. No restrictions on time of coming back and leaving. Having rented an apartment, a person can come home and leave it at any time of day, without any restrictions. In a hostel, there is sometimes such a restriction (e.g. between 23.00 and 5.00, you can’t enter  or  leave).

3. Security. In a hostel different people stay in one room and usually they don’t know each other, so there is always a risk of some unpleasant situations, conflicts, theft, etc. When renting an apartment, such situations are completely excluded, as only one or several people who are familiar with each other (relatives, friends) live in the apartment.

4. Comfort. When looking for a suitable apartment, you can choose the one meeting all your needs: floor, number of rooms, design, household and electronic equipment, view from the window, etc. In a hostel you can’t choose a room, because it is determined by an administrator.

5. Silence and peace. A hostel is usually very noisy, so a person can rarely have a good rest there. Renting an apartment, a person provides him or herself the most comfortable conditions also in terms of silence. This is very important, especially for tourists who travel around the city for the whole day and get very tired, as well as for businessmen who have difficult negotiations.

The only disadvantage of renting an apartment is that the price is higher than for a hostel, but in fact it is comparative. It's much better to overpay a little for comfortable housing, rather than save and suffer for several days.

Where and how to choose temporary housing?

Both a hostel and an apartment are best booked through a special real estate agency, because in this case a person saves much time and energy. Indeed, when people come to another city, first of all, they want to see its sights, walk through its parks and squares, visit museums and galleries. It's much more interesting than traveling around the city in search of housing wasting your precious time. Renting accommodation through an agency, a person gets the following benefits:

1. Security and confidence in clean title to an apartment.

2. Ability to choose accommodation in accordance with required characteristics: an agent will offer only those options that meet tenant’s needs.

3. Primary evaluation of a proposed housing by photos that an agent sends to a customer. If it’s matching one’s standard, a customer can go to inspect an apartment more carefully.

4. Getting valuable advice and tips from experienced agents who are real estate specialists.

Turning to our real estate agency, each customer gets a unique opportunity to rent an apartment in a short time, and in a desired area of ​​the city. Our specialists have individual approach to each person, paying attention to all the requirements and wishes. The price for our services is more than attractive, and paying it a person gets significant advantages and needn’t worry about his or her future housing.

Summarizing the above mentioned, we can note that apartments for daily rent are more convenient than staying in a hostel, since the latter has a number of significant disadvantages. A wide range of apartments for daily rent gives an opportunity to everyone to easily choose the most suitable option and to have excellent conditions.