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For hunters of Impressions and Exstria

For hunters of Impressions and Exstria

Room of Darkness

Psychologists say: If you have any fear, you need to look him straight in the eye and overcome him. After a walk on this absolutely black maze no one else will be afraid of obscurity in the dark room.

What to do here: Attraction "entrance to the Darkness" is a sensory exposition, built on a completely new perception of oneself and its sensations in total darkness. In light of day or artificial illumination it is impossible to feel such. Anyone who enters the darkness, immersed in a completely surreal, unfamiliar world, not like the usual. And it should be mastered to first find the necessary things in a dark room, then go to the other side of the street of the Dark City, and then...

Come and find out! It is not necessary to be afraid – you will be a reliable conductor. By the way, all attendants in this quest are blind people who live in constant darkness always and have managed to adapt to it, counting only on the hearing, sense of smell and touch. You will also have a chance to try it.

Address: Art. M. "Autozavodskaya" or "Tulskaya", ul. Avtozavodskaya, 18 SHOPPING Mall "Riviera", 3rd Floor

Sky Karting

Do you like to ride with breeze? One of the longest and most risky karting tracks in Moscow is at your disposal. Its length is not the largest – 685 meters. But on this route there is everything: areas under the open sky, covered areas, steep bends... The track is located on the roof of the MALL, which is his chip. For children over 7 years old is a children's school karting, so that you will not be bored here anyone.

The cost of the ticket for the child and adult on weekdays 600 and 800 rubles for 10 minutes, on weekends for 100 rubles more expensive. And after a steep trip on the map you can go shopping or in the movies, all under one roof.

Address: Art. M. Fany, Bagtionovsky Passage, D, 5, 19 level of parking

Flight in aero-Roubaib in "aerodynamics"

Climb to the sky, jump off the parachute, feel the adrenaline of the free fall-many dream about it. But not everyone has enough courage and drive to decide on such an extreme. Aerorouba is a ground attraction that will allow you to enjoy all the sensations of the free flight and at the same time absolutely nothing to risk. It is not necessary to ascend to the sky – children from 5 years old can fly with an instructor under the clouds on the ground.

What to do here: to wear a special suit and helmet, to get coaching and enjoy the accomplishment of a long-standing dream. From a pipe there is a stream of air at speed about 250 km/h. Such powerful air jet easily keeps an adult person. The most important thing is not to open your mouth during the session. By the way, during the parachute jump the free flight lasts no more than one minute. The session in the Aerorube lasts for at least 2 minutes-as long as you have enough courage and endurance.

The width of the pipe-2.5 m, height-8 M
Cost for the child-from 1300 rubles for 2 minutes, for an adult-1500 for the same Timethere is also a flight simulator, a simulation, a laser shooting gallery, a journey through virtual reality, a café and a restaurant. Impressions will be enough for weeks and months ahead.

Address: 47 km of the Moscow ring road. 7, you can get from the art. M. South-west on the shuttle for 10 minutes.