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Useful information for tourists

An inexperienced tourist may find it difficult to understand all the subtleties and nuances concerning living in another city. This section will be a real catch, both for experienced travelers and for beginners. Readers will learn a lot of new things that will help them to save family budget, get acquainted with sights of the capital, dine in luxurious restaurants and small cozy cafes, and also visit a lot of unusual, interesting, amazing and even mysterious places.

Sights of Moscow

Russia is famous for its attractions for a long time, but the capital of the country has more than a dozen of them. And since there are so many attractions, you need to familiarize yourself with some of them.

Architecture of the capital

For those who are interested in the architecture of Moscow in its buildings, the capital can provide a lot of interesting and exciting material. The architecture of the city impresses with its rich history. The Pevtsov House, the house on the embankment, the house of Arseny Morozov on Vozdvizhenka is something that every tourist should look at. Stalin's skyscrapers occupy a special place in the capital's panorama of the city.

Talking about the architecture of Moscow, it is impossible not to mention the monasteries and churches, which are located throughout the city.

Parks and gardens of Moscow

Visiting Moscow parks is the best way to have a great weekend. In the capital, there is also an art park “Museon”, where you can admire bronze sculptures. In the park "Victory" a large collection of military equipment.
Many tourists are sure to be interested in the Alexander Garden, which is located near the Kremlin. It is here that every hour there is a change of the guard of honor at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which especially attracts viewers.

Other entertainment and attractions of the capital:

  • Ostankino Tower;

What really interests many, from the child to the old man, is television. The fact is that the Ostankino television tower not only unites the residents of the city, but also looks very good, resembles a building from films about the future.

Studios are located in the building of the tower, as well as offices of the main Russian TV channels. For tourists, the background with the TV tower will be able to provide an original photo, because it doesn’t look standard on the background of temples and museums, of which there are many in the city, by the way.

It can also impress you with its height, because up it reaches a little more than 500 meters. If you wish, you can book a tour of the tower and get acquainted with it from the inside. The tower was built in 1967, at that time it was considered one of the tallest buildings in Europe.

  • Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin;

Connoisseurs of art are simply obliged to visit this landmark, because in the gallery you can gaze at all sorts of exhibits. The museum is more than a hundred years old, but its appearance is impressive, of course, since 1913 it suffered more than one repair and reconstruction, but they were worth it, because the building looks truly gorgeous not only inside but also outside.

By purchasing a ticket to MIIIP (Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts), you can gradually get acquainted with the history and culture of past centuries. The gallery did not cease its development and renewal, and a little earlier the collection of exhibits was replenished with unusually original images of the culture of Ancient Egypt.

The work of the staff and the money spent were worth their money and effort, because the museum can be notable for its high attendance and the fact that its collection has already more than 700 exhibits. In addition to the fact that in the museum one can get acquainted with any culture, there one can find exhibitions of works by famous and talented creators of antiquity and modernity.

  • Garden Hermitage;

Great place for walking. The place can be considered a tourist, but most of the locals visit it. Here you can relax and have fun with the company, family or alone. The garden was founded at the beginning of the 19th century, the idea belonged to J. Schukin, and he also led the process.

The public park, of course, was reconstructed, but the last time was at the end of the 20th century. It is not known whether reconstructions were carried out yet, but when the entire park was renewed, the local residents did not observe the last several decades.

In the park there are really quite a few places, theaters, for example, of which there are as many as three in the territory. There is also a small stage, designed exclusively for summer-spring concerts in open areas.

A large number of visitors is due to the fact that in warm times, presumably in summer, mini-concerts and various festivals are held here. Without a doubt, such events are great attract visitors, but also the reason for the high attendance is the landscape.

Although this is not all the sights of Moscow, these places should be visited, because after visiting any of them, the tourist or traveler will have unforgettable impressions.