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Boulevard Ring

Boulevard Ring

The most interesting sight of the capital is the boulevard ring. Formed in the 18th century, it is a network of boulevards, shaped like a horseshoe. This landscape landmark in the 2nd half of the 20th century received the status of a monument of landscape architecture.

History reference

The Boulevard Ring is located on the site of the Belgorod Wall, and still keeps the memory of the White City, in whose honor it is named. It originated in the 16th century and served defensive purposes, along with the Kremlin and China Town.
There were 11 gates in the wall, later there were 10 of them, which now form 10 boulevards in the form of an uneven horseshoe. Its ends end with the Moskva River embankment.
The white walls of the building were demolished from 1775 to 1805, under the control of the governor-general of that period, M.N. Volkonsky.
Boulevards arose gradually, as the walls reappeared. Tverskaya appeared first, the work ended with the appearance of Pokrovsky.

Boulevard ring today

From Prechistenka, Soymonovsky passage, this landmark originates and goes all the way to Arbat Square. This is the first boulevard - Gogol.
Further from the Arbat gates Nikitsky boulevard, which ends with the Nikitsky gate, originates. Then you can go to Manezh Square through Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street.
Then the location is: Tverskaya –– Passionate –– Petrovsky –– Rozhdestvensky –– Sretensky ––– Chistoprudny –– Pokrovsky – Yauzsky.
Between these boulevards the traveler will meet Pushkin Square, Petrovsky Gates, Trubnaya Square, Sretensky Gates, Turgenev Square, Myasnitsky Gates, Pokrovsky Gates
Completes the Boulevard Ring Ustinsky passage.

Description and differences of boulevards

All boulevards are not similar to each other, have distinctive signs, "highlight".
For example, Gogolevsky is a three-level, i.e. has three highways. This happened historically, due to the different height of the banks of the Chertoroy stream, which was once located in this area.
The newest is Pokrovsky Boulevard. This is due to the fact that for a long time military barracks were located in its place. They were demolished only in 1954.
Sretensky Boulevard is considered the shortest, its length does not exceed 200 m, and the longest - Tverskaya, almost a kilometer in length. Passionate is the widest - more than 100 m.
Nativity is named in honor of the convent, built under Catherine II. It is recognized as the most beautiful boulevard of ten.
Monuments and metro stations

Around the ring is a huge number of monuments. These are monuments to Pushkin, Gogol, Griboyedov, Vysotsky, Sholokhov, Rakhmaninov and Yesenin.
Also, walking along the ring, you can visit the Museum of the East, the house of Romanov, the temple at the Nikitsky Gate.
It is convenient to move around the ring, as there are numerous metro stations around the perimeter.
Since 2012, the Boulevard Ring has been a center for conducting various legalized rallies and demonstrations.
In the next article we will tell about such a landmark as the Garden Ring and its history of occurrence.