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Museum of Interesting Science Experimental

Museum of Interesting Science Experimental

The study of science and natural phenomena can be interesting, fascinating and not at all straining, take our word for it and check it out in practice by visiting the Experimentanium, the entertaining science museum in Moscow. Here you can see interesting expositions, listen to informative lectures, take part in developing master classes and even become an assistant in a real research project.

Where is: Leningradsky Avenue, 80, you need to go to the metro station “Wed = okol”, then walk no more than 7-10 minutes on foot along the Baltic Street

Opening hours: Daily from 9.30 to 19.00

Ticket price:

For adults, depending on the amount of excursions, participation in master classes and lectures - from 450 rubles;
Discount tickets for children and pensioners - from 350 rubles.

What to do here:

The museum displays more than 300 interactive exhibits that are not just possible - you need to touch, examine and study. In each hall, a department of physics is presented in an interesting and unusual interpretation. There is a hall of Optics, Acoustics, Mechanics, Electricity, etc. Exhibits exhibited in the halls are allowed and recommended to disassemble, assemble, move, immerse in water, toss, pull, while you can jump, stomp and shout. Science really has never been so entertaining and fun!

Feature of the Museum: here is the only interactive water installations in Russia. With its help, it is possible to study and test in practice the laws of hydrodynamics in an accessible form, find out how a whirlpool is formed in a river, and where the waves at sea come from, to understand the mechanism of operation of a water mill. Another novelty in the exhibits of the museum of entertaining sciences is the Cosmos hall.

We draw the attention of guests and residents of the capital who are interested in visiting the Museum of Entertaining Sciences: every weekend, holidays and school holidays, interesting and educational programs are held here for students and schoolchildren. "W. O. U. "stands for" Walk. Open up. Wonder! ”- and this is the best feature of what is actually happening in the walls of the museum. Also on the basis of the institution are constantly conducted educational courses and programs for the development of children.

The goal of this project is to acquaint children with science in an accessible form, to explain to them the essence and nature of the origin of phenomena that one encounters daily, and to stimulate interest in the study of physics and its laws. Lectures and classes do not tire the children at all; on the contrary, they want to come back again and learn even more. if you yourself find it difficult to answer the constant questions of an inquisitive kid, why the sky is blue and the sun is yellow, the trees grow up, and not underground, the river flows into the sea, and not from the sea, then it is time for you to book a tour in the museum of entertaining sciences. ". By the way, many adults are also interested here, because real scientists tell the whole truth about the latest innovative scientific developments and highlight the paths of its development in the near future.