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Racing track in Moscow

Racing track in Moscow

Every car owner has a dream. This is the desire to ride your own transport at top speed in order to get a lot of positive emotions. The race track in Moscow will allow you to test your car. It is allowed to move around the city at a limited speed. There are a number of racing tracks in Moscow, which can be found below.

Moscow Raceway

Moscow Raceway – this is the only track in Moscow that is suitable for competitions and rivalries of any level. The track has a total of 11 forms. This is:

  • 8 types of Sprint;
  • SuperSprint;
  • Grand Prix;
  • FIM.

The total length of the track is 2664 m. The height difference is 22 m. The track also has 11 turns.

The maximum design speed for the vehicle is approximately 311 km/h. There is also a feature of this route, which consists in moving counterclockwise on it. In ring motor sports, this is extremely rare.

The autodrome is busy almost the whole year. On a regular basis, classes are held at a driving school, track days for cars and motorists. The stages of international and national championships are also held here.

ADM Myachkovo

This is one of the most famous and huge tracks in the central region. It is suitable for every thrill-seeker who wants an adrenaline rush. The track is located near the Myachkovo airport and is equipped with various obstacles, a place for sports teams, and a sufficient safety zone.

The track has a total length of 3240 m, as well as 14 turns. There are configurations:

  • SuperSprint;
  • Sprint;
  • Kart rental;
  • Sport Karting

On average, races last 10 and 20 minutes.

Leader Kartodrome

Race track "Leader" has a length of 1153 m and 17 turns. This track has a twist. Here you can drive 24 hours a day. Mostly they ride on two-wheeled vehicles. But if you talk to the management in advance, you can test the car.

Technical sports park in Pechatniki

In 2018, the Moscow Mayor's Office announced the speedy operation of the technical sports park. The Motor Sports Federation of Moscow and the Moscow City Auto and Motorcycle Club are involved in the development of such a track. A 1 km long track will be observed here.

Auto polygon "NAMI"

Automobile club "NAMI" has been working on Dmitrovskoye Highway for many years. The technology was tested there. On the track you can arrange a ride in a free format. There are 15 types of roads observed here. Their distance is more than 110 km. Sports competitions are held at the auto-polygon. There is also a center where you can hone your driving skills with complex tricks.