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Ice cream factory «Clean line»

Ice cream factory «Clean line»

Moscow, as befits the capital, is full of a variety of attractions. Monuments, museums, theaters, parks, embankment, shopping centers and exhibition grounds - here every tourist will find something to see to his taste. There is a standard list of attractions, which includes must see objects. And there are places that even not all native Muscovites know about, but which are definitely worth seeing.

Remember the wonderful tale of Gianni Radari "Cake in the sky"? Tell me, who among the children would not have dreamed of finding himself in a sweet kingdom, where the walls of houses are built of vanilla ice cream and crispy waffles, rivers flow out of chocolate and sweet syrup, and instead of rain fall candied fruits, nuts and multi-colored dragees?

At the ice cream factory "Clean Line" you will find yourself in this fabulous world of sweets. Why should you go here? Everything is simple: because according to the results of the control examination of Channel One, the ice cream of the Pure Line trademark was not only the most delicious, but also the highest quality. Now everyone can put on boot covers, a dressing gown and a cap and with their own eyes can track the whole process of making ice treats.

Visitors will be guided through all the production halls and workshops and will be shown how ice cream is made from scratch right up to packaging in a bright wrapper. But the most interesting comes after an informative tour! In the special hall guests-sweet teeth will be met by cute animators Chistolino and Chistalin. They will teach how to decorate freshly made ice cream which is called directly from the conveyor. And then you can taste the appetizing ball of a hand-made decoration, while Chistolino and Chistalina tell you who, how and when invented the frozen dessert.

And in the end - the presentation of memorable and, of course, edible souvenirs from the Pure Line ice cream factory. Schoolchildren who visited the factory in a group, for seven days, receive a box of ice cream delivered to their homes. Visitors to individual or group groups receive gift certificates with a nominal value of 2,000 rubles, which can be spent in the brand café of the Pure Line Ice Cream Territory brand.

Guided tours here spend seven days a week, to the delight of young and adult lovers of snacks. And on holidays, and on weekends, and on weekdays, you can come here by 9.45 on the first tour, or drive up to 19. 45 on the last. The duration of the fabulous journey around the country of ice cream is 1.5 hours, taking into account the time for a master class on decorating ice cream balls.

The cost of the excursion for schoolchildren in a group is 1745 rubles.

The cost of the tour for families, friends and just tourists - 2000 rubles.

The factory is located 5 km from the Moscow Ring Road. A bus runs especially for guests. You can order a tour and find out the details on the official website of the most modern and hospitable ice cream factory in the country “Pure Line”.