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Apple Technology Museum

Apple Technology Museum

New century - and new entertainment, respectively. Previously, excursions of schoolchildren and students went to the Tretyakov Gallery and the Museum of Nature. Today, these sights of the capital are also popular. But they are classics. And modern cultural events involve visiting modern objects, for example, the Apple Technology Museum. You probably did not know that there is one in Moscow. And it exists at the Dmitrovskaya metro station, it operates from Monday to Friday inclusively and is ready to receive visitors from Monday to Wednesday from 17.45 to 20.00 and from Thursday to Friday from 12.00 to 18.00.

The Apple Technology Museum is the only one of its kind on our mainland; there is no longer a similar establishment in Europe or Asia. It was created by the efforts of a single person named Andrei Antonov, he has been collecting his own private collection of gadgets of the most famous manufacturer in the world for 15 years.

What can I see and do? The collection includes more than one hundred exhibits of the Apple brand equipment, issued between 1977 and 2001. The pride of the exposition are the two first computers of the manufacturer - Apple II and Macintosh. Moving from stand to stand, one can trace the evolution of computer equipment. The private museum contains unique specimens that have long become history. The cost of some of them reaches tens of thousands of dollars, while others are priceless at all - the second such in the world no longer exists.

The most remarkable thing is that absolutely all equipment is intact, is in working condition and can be tested by museum visitors! This is one of the few public institutions where you can not just watch, but touch it.

In addition to the very first Apple II, released in 1977, and the legendary Macintosh, which went on sale in 1986, the collection includes:

  • Macintosh IIfx, the value of which at the time of release in March 1990 was almost 11 thousand dollars;
  • Macintosh Quadra 700 with a vertical screen;
  • The world's first Apple-Macintosh PowerBook laptop with a net weight of exactly 10 kg.

There are no modern iPhones and iPads at the exhibition yet - but this is not a history yet, and the Apple Technology Museum is not a retail store of the brand. But all the other exhibits are unique and most importantly - the only ones in Eurasia, there is a similar museum only in the USA.

The Museum is allowed to make memorable photos. After the tour, you can purchase branded badges, game consoles, glasses with the Apple logo, magazines and other gift items as a souvenir.

Single ticket price:

For schoolchildren - 200 rubles;
For students - 300 rubles;
For adults - 350 rubles.

The cost of a group tour:

For schoolchildren - a group of 14 and up to 25 people - 3,000 rubles, a group of 2 and up to 14 people - 4,500 rubles, two accompanying free;
For students and adults - a group of 15 to 25 people for 450 rubles per visitor, a group of 2 to 14 people - 6 750 rubles for the whole group.