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How to eat while traveling

How to eat while traveling

Cuisine of a new country, which you get to know on vacation – this is as important a point as the main attractions. Food during a trip depends mainly on two main factors:

  • your financial capacity;
  • your physiological features – for example, vegans have their own views on nutrition, pregnant women and people with chronic diseases require a special diet, etc.

The gastronomic life hacks of gourmet tourists will help you not to die of hunger, not get poisoned and get real pleasure from unfamiliar delicacies.

1. Take a supply of food with you if you are traveling within the country. It is very difficult to carry canned food and other supplies in sealed packages through customs, and it’s somehow not very respectable to drag our ivasi and stew with you to the Maldives. But if you are going to spend your vacation in the mountains of Abkhazia or on the lakes of Karelia, provisions will come in handy. Tip of experienced tourists6 Buy dried vegetables, spices and even meat with fish in specialized stores. They weigh a little, the quality and taste are excellent, and they are prepared very simply: they are poured with boiling water, and in a few minutes the appetizing, nutritious stew is ready.

2. Don't miss out on street food. And even try to try it, because most often snacks, sandwiches, rolls and flatbreads filled with this and that, which are sold from stalls in pedestrian hons, are the most complete reflection of the local cuisine. As for security, Europe and even Asia – this is not a spontaneous market in Russia. Here it is very difficult to get poisoned by low-quality sausage, and the hands of the seller are guaranteed to be cleaner than your own. So feel free to buy and try, just don't get carried away – indigestion has no nationality, it will happen in any country when overeating.

3. If you eat in restaurants, choose national cuisine. It’s silly to look for dumplings on a trip or order a breaded schnitzel, which is essentially the same chop with french fries. Taste the delicacies, and in order not to make a mistake with the choice, choose the dish of the day or the dish from the chef. In Asian countries, be sure to indicate the degree of spiciness of the preparation. Please note that the "medium" here – this is very, very, very spicy with us.

4. Do not forget to take gastronomic souvenirs with you if you have money and space in your luggage. Jamaican rum, Belgian chocolate, Montenegrin prosciutto and Greek feta with olives will brighten up a homecoming party with friends and perfectly complement your Instagram holiday illustrations. Just do not take too much and be sure to consider the expiration dates of the products. A tourist, hung with bobbins of sausages, with a jerky leg of lamb on his shoulder and a bandolier of Hawaiian cigars behind his belt, may have problems at the border, and the rest should still be a cultural holiday, and not a trip to the market for delicacies abroad.