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Restaurant "In the Dark?!"

Restaurant "In the Dark?!"

Restaurant "In the Dark?!" - a very interesting institution, which is worth a visit. Initially, the idea to go to it seems a bit strange. But it is simply impossible to remain indifferent to such a proposal. The attitude to such a strange undertaking can be different: from youthful-fervent to quite skeptical. Some people think this is a great idea. Others believe that to create darkness, it is quite possible to turn off the lights in the kitchen and eat. But at the same time, everyone agrees that there really is something in this.

When a person temporarily loses sight, his other senses begin to function better. According to scientific data, two-thirds of all information we receive through vision. Other sensory channels: smell, hearing, taste and touch are not fully functional. If you make your vision rest, other senses will immediately become sharper. Of course, the person will no longer hear, but he will pay attention to everything he hears. But it is important that the darkness was complete. Only in this case the brain will not try to strain its eyesight and return to its previous state.

Staying in a comfortable environment in absolute darkness has a beneficial effect even on those who suffer from nyctophobia (fear of the dark). Some psychologists are even sure that two hours of being in pitch darkness replaces two days of rest. A visit to the restaurant «In the Darkness?!» confirms that darkness has a beneficial effect on people.

If we consider visiting this institution from a psychological point of view, it is worth noting that this is an excellent remedy for stress.

Sighted people, when they find themselves in the dark, initially feel uncomfortable. To overcome the fear of the dark, guests often need special attention from waiters. Sometimes people cannot make a certain effort on themselves and do not want to visit a dark room. Others come to this restaurant several times. Usually guests still manage to cope with stress and adapt to the dark. At the same time, the important role is played by the fact that people experience pleasure from the fact that they managed to overcome fear. After that comes the emotional and psychological discharge. Visitors suddenly realize that everything turned out to be not so scary.

Restaurant "In the Dark?!" It helps you look at life in a completely different way. In the few hours you spend in the dark, you will be able to focus on communication. Pay attention to intonations and words, feel the slightest change in the mood of your companion. You will enjoy excellent dishes, listen to pleasant music and just relax.

Guests of the restaurant get the opportunity to get into a special world that is filled with sensations. You can enjoy socializing and delicious meals while immersing yourself in a completely new universe of feelings.