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Moscow Animation Museum

Moscow Animation Museum

The idea to open the Moscow Museum of Animation belongs to the workers of the Soyuzmultfilm film studio. The building was built in 2006. At first, only one exhibition was held, dedicated to the history of the creation of Soviet animated films. The exposition was presented by personal sketches of the studio employees. Now there are more than 9,000 different Soviet and foreign exhibits.

The museum moved frequently. Since October 17, 2015, it has been located in the Izmailovsky Kremlin. Today, the Moscow Museum has international status and cooperates with foreign film studios.

Native Hall

The works of the great animators and artists of the 20th century are collected here. Visitors will be told about how the most famous works were created. Guests will be able to examine rare models in detail. The main attraction is the skylight table, once Svetozar Rusakov worked behind it – the father of the wolf and the hare from "Well, wait a minute!".

Foreign room

Exhibits for this hall are provided by many foreign companies: Nickelodeon, The Walt Disney, Warner Brothers Production, Studio Ghibli and others. Children will especially like it here. They will learn more about their favorite characters, look at the character models. At the end of the meeting, a film is shown that tells about the development of cartoons and their characters.

Historical Hall

In the room there is a collection of equipment used to bring the drawn characters to life. There is a zootrap in the center, guests are allowed to touch it, twist it to feel like a cartoonist. At the same time, you can use projectors in the process that are able to demonstrate animation.


The Moscow Museum of Animation conducts excursions within its walls, during which visitors are told about the traditions, secrets, outdated and modern technologies in the world of animation. Programs may include:

  • shooting a short cartoon;
  • virtual workshop;
  • a gift in the form of a disc "Cartoon Constructor".

The administration of the museum takes care of any holidays: New Year, wedding, birthday and others. For events, a room has been selected that can accommodate 50 people.

Events are held daily from 9:00 to 21:00.

The Moscow Museum of Animation allows you to fully immerse yourself in the cartoon world, learn more about domestic and foreign artists, cartoon characters. The exhibition similarly tells about the development of animation art. Cheburashka, Snow White, Donald Duck and Sailor Moon are quietly coexisting in one place.