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Moscow Provincial Theater

Moscow Provincial Theater

Moscow Provincial Theater – one of the best cultural institutions in Moscow. Created in 2013 after the merger of two regional theaters.

The artistic director of this theater is the People's Artist of Russia – Sergei Bezrukov.

A lot of actors known to the general public, such as Anna Snatkina, Zoya Berber, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Irina Bezrukova, Alexander Sokolovsky, Anton Khabarov and others, have worked and continue to work in the theater at different times. New names, young talented actors are constantly appearing. The performance of all the actors, without exception, is always on top.

Sergei Bezrukov himself, Vitaly Bezrukov, Dmitry Dyuzhev can be distinguished among the directors of the performances.

A large number of performances are staged at this theatre. In addition to adult performances, there are performances for the youngest and older children. Adult performances are different: based on literary works of Russian and foreign classics, philosophical, musical works, ballet. During the performance of many performances, live music is played, dances are staged.

On the stage of this theater, the classics are always staged: "Uncle Vanya", "Nameless Star", "Pushkin", "Casanova", "The Nutcracker", "Carlson" and others. The artistic director of this theater himself played in many performances – Sergei Bezrukov.

The provincial theater itself is small in size, there are two halls: a large one and a small one. Both rooms are well equipped. There are wonderful acoustics, soft comfortable chairs, a good rise in the rows, thanks to which the stage is clearly visible from all seats.

The Provincial Theater was the first on the territory of the Russian Federation to show performances for people with special needs. For this, special equipment is provided, accompanied by audio description. Here they pay special attention to people with special needs – there are ramps and elevators. There is also a good buffet where you can have a tasty snack during the intermission.

The theater does not have its own parking lot, but there is a nearby parking lot where you can always find a place. The location is very convenient: not far from Kuzminki metro station, Volgogradsky prospect, 121. Provincial Theater – one of the few theaters in Moscow, which is located near the Moscow Ring Road, in a residential area of ​​the city.

The theater troupe performs not only in Moscow, but also often tours the cities of Russia.

Tickets for performances can be bought both online and at the theater box office. Prices are acceptable both for the tickets themselves and at the buffet.