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Sandunovsky baths

Sandunovsky baths

You probably know this place, even if you have never been to the capital of Russia: this is where the story began of the incredible history of the cult film “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath”. More precisely, only the shooting took place, but still the typical, recognizable interior of the Soviet public bath was remembered by everyone. In fact, the history of Sandunov, as they are called by the people, began in 1800, when Catherine II, the courtier actor, Sila Sandunov, bought this plot and built the largest public bath in the capital. Since then a lot of frothy water has flowed into sewer pipes, more than one birch broom is broken. But the specialization of the institution has not changed, despite numerous changes of owners. Muscovites and guests of the city come here to wash and socialize along the trodden path - take a look at you too.

Where is: st. Neglinnaya 14 / 1a, art. Kuznetsky Most, Trubnaya metro stations

Opening hours: every day from 8.00 to 22.00

Ticket price:

bath visit - from 2800 rubles to 3300, depending on the discharge
for children up to 7 years old - free
for children from 7 to 12 years old - 300 rubles
room rate - from 4,000 rubles to 13,000 rubles, the minimum rent for two hours
the cost of the tour depends on the number of people, group and organizer of the event

Things to do:

Sandunovsky baths can be visited as a tourist, that is, with a guide, walk through the main rooms of a public institution, admire the rich eclectic interior design, and listen to the interesting history of Sandunovsky baths. And there is something to listen to, because the baths have been functioning for more than two centuries! Marble columns, murals on the walls, huge pools filled with crystal clear water, sparkling fountains, figurines seem to endure in ancient times and create a unique atmosphere of grandeur and luxury.

And you can come here as a client with friends or family and take a steam bath in a real Russian bathhouse in accordance with all bath traditions. This option is preferable, although the prices of license baths cannot be called cheap. But you will find quality service, helpful and polite bathhouse attendants, cleanliness and comfort.

There are three offices for men and two for women in Sanduny. All recreation rooms are also classified according to their digit capacity - the area, level of comfort and service, and cost depend on the discharge. In addition, there are eight number baths, each of which is made in the original design. “Baikal”, “Kamchatka”, “Kandarya”, “Merchant”, “Lukomorye”, “Rome”, “Sadko”, “Soviet” - the names are quite intriguing. If you are more interested in a spa vacation, you can visit “Sanduny Vostok”, a new spa center offering services of a hairdresser, massage therapist, cosmetologist, make-up artist - all at the highest level. As usual in the baths, at Sanduny there is a retsaran of Uzbek, Chinese and European cuisine, as well as a souvenir shop.