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Park giant insects ENEA

Park giant insects ENEA

It is not necessary to be an avid entomologist to become interested in the new project ENEA - the Park of giant insects. Here you can admire a bee the size of a two-storey mansion, or a centipede the length of a small train. Mantis, tarantulas and dragonflies of giant sizes, made in full accordance with real insects, will amaze the imagination of adults and children. Remember the adventures of the little inquisitive characters Karik and Vali? Now you can visit their place and see what it is like to be near an insect, ten times more than you!

Where is: the metro station "VDNH", Prospekt Mira, 119. Landmarks - Dolphinarium or Pavilion № 14

Opening hours: daily from 10.00 to 18.00 except Monday and Tuesday

What to see here:

In total, there are 19 models of the most famous insect and arachnid species in the park. Everyone can come close to the object of interest and in detail consider how the eyes of a dragonfly, for example, or a grasshopper's legs, are arranged. There are also models of the incredible beauty of butterflies, crouching on a giant bright flower, lurking in anticipation of its victim, a tailed scorpion, a poisonous hairy spider tarantula, a huge mustached cockroach and a hardworking ant the size of a country house. All insects are made in bright colors of safe materials and do not look at all threatening.

Excursion to the Park of Giant insects at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements will be an excellent tool for biology for schoolchildren and students, will be fun and informative entertainment for kids and, of course, distract from everyday worries and everyday gray adults.

Features of the Park: all models of insects are interactive, they are made with reliable accuracy on a scale of 1: 1000, while they move their paws, mustaches, wings and emit sounds that are exactly natural. Before visiting the “live” exhibition of overgrown insects, it is recommended to prepare the babies and not leave them alone - impressionable children may get scared.

The cost of visiting the unusual Park will appeal to all tourists and residents of the capital:

for an adult - 300 rubles, the visit to the Park is unlimited;
for children from three to fifteen years, as well as pensioners - 150 rubles;
children under three years old children with disabilities - admission is free.

On the territory of an interactive attraction you can take photos and video filming without restrictions. If you do not know how fun and to spend a weekend at no extra cost, go here. A visit to the exhibition of giant insects will surely be enjoyed and remembered by the kids.