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Moscow Museum of Soviet Slot Machines

Moscow Museum of Soviet Slot Machines

Now it is a story. With modern bewilderment, children will listen to the memories of adults as they rushed headlong to the amusement park after classes, holding the cherished "pyataks" in their hands, throwing coins into the slot of the magic machine and starting to fight "sea battle", aim at the running hares and squirrels or race on the highway. Computer entertainment in the era of the USSR was not, as well as mobile gadgets. Because in the "Sniper", "Interceptor" and "Fighter" with excitement spitsilas adults too. You can do it today, if you look at the Moscow Museum of Soviet slot machines.

Where is: Kuznetsky Most, 12, Art. metro station "Kuznetsky Most"

Opening hours: from 11.00 to 21.00

Ticket price: 450 rubles - 15 coins with a nominal value of 15 kopecks are issued in full in accordance with the Soviet model (slot machines work only if you throw such a coin in the slot). Check with the cashier benefits and discounts, they are sometimes. In this case, you can play for a couple of hours for 300, or even 150 rubles.

Things to do:

The USSR slot machine museum is a private institution created by several enthusiasts. Despite this, the museum is popular with those who are interested in such entertainment: in the halls of the museum after lunch it is very crowded, there is a line for some slot machines.

In total, more than 60 Soviet slot machines are at the disposal of visitors in the Museum Hall, almost all of them are in working condition. Some are so rare that even the inveterate forty-year-old players who grew up in the 80s-90s of the last century do not remember them and do not know the rules of the game. But you should not worry! Each machine has a step-by-step instruction manual. True, the automatons often go crazy and they begin to live their life. In this case there is an administrator.

It is recommended to visit the museum at least together, in order to play table football, hockey or basketball - it is very exciting, they say, it delays it so as not to stop! And no computer games on the network can not be compared with the joint game live, emotions just zakshakoivaet, checked!

Features of the institution: in the gaming room is a real Soviet machine with gas. You need to throw three coins in denominations of one penny into the slot, substitute a faceted glass, press a button - and the machine will give you a portion of sweet sparkling water. You can get three pennies from the cashier by exchanging 30 modern rubles for the Soviet currency.

Also in the Slot Machine Museum you can taste a real milkshake (also from a vending machine), a Soviet creamy ice cream, and also buy themed icons, magnets, flags, iconic Montana watches and sweets in tin cans in a souvenir stall - for example, “Montpensier” candy ”, Greetings from cloudless pioneer childhood. A lot of positive and topics for discussion for the next week are guaranteed - you definitely want to come back here again on occasion.