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10 reasons why you should visit Moscow

10 reasons why you should visit Moscow

Moscow – this word has a different meaning and emotions for each of the citizens of the country. The great Slavic city, founded in 1147, remains today both ancient and sedate, and young and perky – It opens up to each of the visitors with its own special side. You can admire Moscow or look for what – these are shortcomings, but it is impossible to remain indifferent  to this city    Moscow for everyone who comes here – own.

Moscow – the city is so multifaceted and diverse that it can be explored and admired for a lifetime. You can easily find 10  reasons to visit the capital of a great power, where tourists can find many interesting places and experiences.

  1. Moscow – this is the richest history of the city, for many centuries it has evolved from bright victories and bitter defeats – There are many places left to commemorate these events. It is worth taking a historical tour of the city and seeing Moscow with its amazing architectural appearance and heritage - this is the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral,  Arbat,  Mausoleum, Patriarch's Ponds.
  2. There is another Moscow for tourists – city ​​of parks and entertainment centers. This is the "Island of Dreams"  and Izmailovsky Park, Victory Park,  Sokolnichya and Deer Groves. In total, there are about 50 large parks in Moscow, not counting the countless squares and gardens – each of them has its own history and sights.
  3. For theater-goers, Moscow will appear as the largest cultural center of the country – From more than 200 theaters, you can choose from  famous theater groups or aspiring acting groups. The theater playbill of the capital is diverse – it is important to choose what – then for the soul.
  4. There is a good reason for  visiting Moscow – these are numerous museum complexes, art galleries – in recent years, the city, which houses several dozen museums, annually hosts more than 700 museum and exhibition projects.
  5. For the Orthodox Moscow – it is a city of cathedrals, temples and monasteries – many are attracted by a trip to the main Christian sights of the capital: mandatory places in this program – Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Donskoy. Ivanovsky and Danilov monasteries, the Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin, the Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh and many Orthodox shrines.
  6. For active youth, Moscow appears in a different guise – concerts of favorite performers and musical groups, open areas for performances by young singers and musicians, 
  7. In warm weather, you should definitely take a boat trip along the Moscow River   - from the side of the water you can see Moscow from an unusual angle, without crowds of tourists and a stream of cars. There are options for evening and night excursions - so you can leisurely see the sights, appreciate their beauty and scope. Night illumination of the capital  and water travel – this is doubly pleasant emotions.
  8. Sparrow Hills  - for the sake of beautiful panoramas of the surroundings and views of  - Moscow – rivers, Luzhnikov,  new buildings Moscow –City is worth coming here  - to the best observation deck of the capital to spend a weekend here.
  9. Who – then she comes to the capital to admire Moscow at night - & nbsp; she never falls asleep and does not plunge into darkness. This amazing city attracts everyone without exception with the charm of a nighttime promenade with neon signs, an endless river of car headlights, and colorful illumination of city landscapes. You can admire the Arc de Triomphe near Victory Park, St. George's bell tower, Old Arbat, or the magical palace of Catherine II all night.
  10. Moscow – it is also the capital of Russian gastronomy, most of those who come here tend to visit the wonderful places of the Slavic national cuisine, the gastronomic dominant of the capital is becoming more and more popular. Special excursions are organized for tourists with visits to iconic catering establishments with cuisines of different nations – each of the guests will find something special  from simple or gourmet dishes.

Moscow – like a seething stream, never stands still and is constantly filled like a vessel – new interesting events and projects.