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Nikolskaya Street: the very heart of China Town

Nikolskaya Street: the very heart of China Town

The famous Nikolskaya street is one of the oldest in Moscow. It stretches from Red Square to Lubyanka. It is located in the Tverskoy district of the capital and is one of the centerplaces in China Town. Today on the main street of the capital is full of life. It is the cultural center of the city.

Time of occurrence

The beginning of the history of Nikolskaya Street takes in 1390. During this period a monastery of Nikola the Old was erected near the Epiphany Monastery.
In 1536, the first Printing House was erected on this street.

Later on this place were located trading rows - modern GUM, opposite of which the famous Kazan Cathedral was erected. In the 17th century, Nikolskaya, like most other central streets of the capital, was built up with houses of merchant nobility and boyars. She was paved with boards, which at that time were considered a luxury item.

The history of development

Nikolskaya Street: the very heart of China TownIn 1808, one of the largest bookstores in Moscow with a library was built on Nikolskaya Street. In the XIX century, the street has become a metropolitan book trade center. It housed 26 bookstores, and there were only 30 of them in Moscow. In 1890, GUM was built on the territory of Nikolskaya Street, and another large shopping center, Nikolsky Rows, was erected in front of it a little later. At this time, Nikolskaya was a major trade and business center of the capital.

In 1871, on the site of the former Sheremetyev possessions, the Tretyakov House was built, around this time, the famous Tretyakov Gate was established on this territory, which has survived to this day.

In Soviet times, the Supreme Council of the Military Council was located on the territory of Nikolskaya Street. During the Stalinist repression in the basements of this building mass and isolated executions were carried out.

The last reconstruction of Nikolskaya Street was made in 2013. After that, it became completely pedestrian, which allows guests and residents of the capital to slowly walk through historic sites and admire their beauty.

Distinctive features

The most remarkable are the architectural monuments located on Nikolskaya Street. These are the Red Mint, the Zaikonospassky monastery, the Nikolsky shopping arcades, which are also called Iverskys and are the cultural heritage of the capital. The Pokrovsky Chamber Musical Theater and the Slavyansky Bazar Hotel with the restaurant of the same name are also located on Nikolskaya Street.

Nikolskaya street today

Modern Nikolskaya Street is a pedestrian zone leading from Red Square to Lubyanka. It houses houses, shops and boutiques, as well as the above architectural landmarks.