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Eternal Flame: A Memory That Will Never Fade

Eternal Flame: A Memory That Will Never Fade

It is extremely difficult to overestimate the value of the Eternal Flame, which, no doubt, is in every city. This is not just a tribute to the memory of those who died in numerous battles, but also a place of military glory. There is much more than the sharpness of patriotism in any other places and the tragedy of long past moments is comprehended. The Eternal Flame, located in the capital of Russia on Red Square, is not just a popular landmark, but also a landmark place that is visited by the head of the Russian Federation on the day of victory. Mourning meetings and minutes of silence are traditionally held near the fire in memory of those who fell in terrible wars.

Time of occurrence

The idea of ​​creating the Eternal Flame in Red Square appeared 25 years after the victory of the USSR in the Great Patriotic War. The 25th anniversary of the victory was marked by the transfer of the burial of the remains of unknown soldiers from the territory located near Leningradskoe highway to Red Square. The place for the reburial of unknown, but heroic Soviet soldiers was chosen famous Alexander Garden. It happened in 1966. Since then, the Alexander Garden has become a kind of place of fame and memory of those killed in the Great Patriotic War.

History of

The project of the grave of the unknown soldier was made by the famous sculptor Tomsk. His simple and concise idea was brought to life in 1967. The opening of the monument took place with the participation of famous statesmen, veterans and the head of the USSR. A spark to light the unquenchable fire was transported from the Field of Mars. The eternal flame was lit by the then acting head of the Soviet Union - Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev.

In 1997, the President of the Russian Federation signed a decree on the guard of honor. Since then, at the Eternal Flame, sentinels from the Kremlin regiment are on duty around the clock. In 2010 there was a reconstruction of the monument. At the time, the Eternal Flame was moved to Poklonnaya Hill in Victory Park.

Distinctive features

The main distinctive feature of the Eternal Flame is its composition. It is part of the memorial complex, where the key figure is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Simple design makes it stately. On the granite slab is a laurel branch, bronze banners and a helmet. These details are illuminated round the clock by the highlights of the unquenchable eternal flame, which is supported by a special mechanism that does not allow the flame to go out even in the heaviest rain and wind.

Eternal flame today

Today, soldiers of the Kremlin regiment are regularly on duty near the eternal flame. This is the guard of honor number 1. Every hour, a guard of honor passes along the glory at the Eternal Flame. Next to this monument is a stele, on which the names of 45 cities of military glory are carved. This is a place of memory and grief, a place where each person can lay flowers and pay tribute to the soldiers who died defending the country and the peace of civilians.